Good Morning:

I am hoping today will be a wonderful day.An

It is Monday, but that’s OK.

Weird question number one.  WHY does it take forever for the dog to pick out a place to poop?  I mean really. We’re outdoors. Other that making sure there is no poison ivy, snake, or creepy crawlies, what does it matter?  It’s POOP.  And then we have the–nope, can’t find a spot.  Take me back in.  Then out.  Then in.

It’s not often, but when it happens I’m like.  WILL YOU HUSTLE UP.  I’VE GOT THINGS TO DO.

But she won’t.  Because she’s a dog. And she’s my dog.  And I love her.  Enough to overlook the fact that, apparently, in her world, pooping is very serious business to be undertaken with exquisite patience and care.