Never, ever, ever give up.

Life has gotten very weird for everyone.  The pandemic is changing/has changed everything externally.  But internally people are people.  We are still strong, courageous, and inventive.

And right now inventive is a BIG THING.  

One of the few things I’ve always admired about myself (normally I’m pretty hard on myself, but I like this thing) is determination.  I will find a way.  Okay, the car won’t start–I’ll take the bus.  Bus running late?  Okay, I’ll walk.  Too far?  Okay, I’ll call a cab.  You get the drift.  I find a way.

This attitude annoys the hell out of a lot of people because of the sheer pig-headedness of it.  The WILL and determination that just KEEPs going.  (To quote one of the motivational videos I’ve watched.  “Crawling is acceptable.  Quitting is NOT acceptable.”)  But the attitude has gotten me “out of the woods” that I was lost in for a long while.  I am happy again.  I have a new life, a new job, my son is improving, I’m healthier, I’m WRITING (and I actually have an OFFICE AGAIN!!!WOOOT).  And I’ve signed up for a 5 day challenge to learn more about branding and business.

Because I’m back.  I’ve made a decision.  I’m an essential worker during the day, making the contribution I can there.  But I am an author.  It’s who I am and what I do.  And I am now going to figure out how to get back on that horse and make it work for me.

I sent out a newsletter.  I have no idea if anyone will respond.  I may be starting over from absolute zero.  But that’s okay.  Not great–I mean, yeah, I want a fan base that loves me and will have stuck around, but okay.  Because I did this once.  I can do this again–and better.  I’ve learned so much more and I’m so much stronger.

So here I am again.