As I type this there is (again/another/maybe the same one who the hell knows) a bat in my bedroom.  I’ve discovered it’s getting in through the vent to the attic and the vent from my bedroom.  James and I spent a hectic two-in-the-morning the other morning trying to get it out of the house without injuring it, or us (because bats can carry all kinds of disease including rabies) or any of the pets.  By the time it was over it had turned into a fair ordeal and “ding” the bat was evicted but all hope of returning to sleep had flown out the same damned door as the bat.

So, middle of the night again, the animals start acting weird.  One of them (a fierce hunter/dominant type) was staring at a corner of the unlit ceiling, clearly enraptured.

I swore.

I turned on the light.

Sure enough, little brown bat trying (and failing) to pretend he’s part of the woodwork.

Image result for Brown bat

(Not actually “Ding”, but a photo of a brown bat from “Bing”)

I shooed the pets (including heap big hunter/dominant) out of the bedroom with vigor.  Grabbed my glasses, pillow and blanket, and moved downstairs to the recliner.  I was not, NOT, going to try to deal with this at O dark thirty AGAIN.  If I was lucky, maybe he would crawl out the way he came in.  If I was not, then he could darned well wait until a decent hour when I’ve had a chance to buy a long-handled fishing or butterfly net so that it will HOPEFULLY be easier to deal with him safely and some sort of cover for the fripping vent so that I won’t ever have to do it again.

I went downstairs and slept, dreaming about bats.  LOTS of bats.  Big bats, baby itty bitty bats.  Not restful sleep.  The stores aren’t open yet.  I can’t get the net.  But peering into the bedroom (while holding back the hunter/dominant pet) I saw that Ding has not, in fact, crawled back out into the currently cold wet world.

I will deal with it.  Of course I will.  But right now I’m going to blog, figure out what video I’m going to record for the website later, and write before I go get ready for the day job.  

AND YES, I said the word WEBSITE.  It is in the process of being edited by my trusty Webmistress/Guru/Bud Karenne after I went through it and explained all the things I didn’t get done when life went sideways after we built it.  The chapters will (hopefully) be up.  A video will (hopefully get made and posted).  Pages on Celia will be written (it’s moving fast folks.).  Wait until the afternoon and then go to send an email to to let me know what you think.